As part of the Ports, Past and Present we commissioned writers and visual artists to work with the port communities and project staff, and explore stories and themes relevant to the history and culture of the five port towns and the journeys made across the Irish Sea.

The creative works arising from this research and engagement aim to deepen the knowledge and appreciation of the history and culture of the five port towns and their sea-crossings for visitors and local communities. They were displayed, performed and exhibited locally and further afield during public events organised and supported by the project team.

Julie Merriman, Departure,from the Carlisle Pier Residency, 2006-10

Several of the creative practitioners worked with each other and made new connections across the Irish Sea. They produced a wide range of material which included poetry and travel writing, illustration, story-telling, spoken word, animation, film, photography, and graphic and plastic art-works. Some of these will be displayed permanently in the local area, and can be discovered using the links below. Reproductions or mediations of the works are also included in various project publications, and on this website.

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Rua Barron &
Hannah Power

David Begley

Gillian Brownson

Kathy D’Arcy

Jon Gower

Julie Merriman

Peter Murphy

Augustine O’Donoghue

Marged Pendrell

Peter Stevenson & Jacob Whittaker

Robert Jakes

Zillah Bowes