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Wexford Coastal Lore

7 Locations ~ Curated by James L. Smith
We can gain a new perspective from stories containing humour, history and anecdote in the folklore of coastal communities. This series of stories follows the coastline of County Wexford, its weather, its tragedies and its biodiversity. It uses a…

Irish Sea Literatures

5 Locations ~ Curated by The Ports, Past and Present Team
A collection of stories written for the Ports, Past and Present Project showcasing the literary narratives clinging to the waters and coasts of the Irish Sea Basin.

The First Irish Sea Balloon Crossing

3 Locations ~ Curated by Elizabeth Edwards
A three-part story of the first hot air balloon flight over the Irish Sea. The invention of hot air balloon travel transformed the relationship between air and sea. But crossing the Irish Sea by balloon would prove to be no easy matter.

Mail, Rail, and Submarine Warfare in the Irish Sea

5 Locations ~ Curated by David Snook
In the late nineteenth century, connections between Ireland and Wales were transformed by new mail and rail routes between Dublin and London. With the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, these routes took on a new strategic importance, and the…

Women's Stories

14 Locations ~ Curated by The Ports, Past and Present Team
Stories of women, their journeys, their experiences and their stories between and across the Irish Sea and its coastlines.

Family Histories

16 Locations ~ Curated by James L. Smith
A collection of stories created by students of the MA History of Family module 'Linking Families to Communities' at the University of Limerick as part of a collaborative teaching and learning initiative between Dr Rachel Murphy, University…

Nautical Tales

11 Locations ~ Curated by James L. Smith
Stories of marine life, shipwrecks, life boats and coastal communities of wider interest to those interested in maritime and nautical themes.