Rua Barron and Hannah Power

Hannah PowerHannah Power and Rua Barron are two theatre makers from Dublin. They have recently graduated from Drama and Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin. They are committed to making theatre in an experimental form, in traditional and site-specific settings. They use documentary and verbatim theatre as a way to explore the world around us. Investigating society is at the heart of what they create.

Our Proposed Project

Rua BarronWe are creating an audio walking tour around Dublin Port and Holyhead that reflects ‘The Port Life’ through a theatrical medium. We are engaging with the local communities to uncover port stories and personal anecdotes, which will be woven into our theatrical soundscape journey. Our audio walking tour, accompanied by a map, will be available to download on an online platform. This project will take the listener on an adventure, discovering Dublin Port and the lives that shape it.

Images: Hannah Power (top) and Rua Barron (below)