Deep-sea Docker Nicknames

Paddy Daly, former Dublin docker from 1954 to 2005, and co-founder of the Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society, shares a list of some of the weird, wonderful and hilarious nicknames that were given to individual deep-sea dockers in Dublin Port over the years.


Dock work was treated as casual labour in Dublin Port right up to the 1970s. As such, men would gather at the docks each day in the hope that they would be called to work by the foreman in a daily address known as 'The Read'. Foremen from different companies came to use nicknames for individual dockers when picking them to work on the ships. Like the Button system (see related sources below for further information), the nicknames were often passed from father to son. Below is a list of some of the many nicknames that were given to deep-sea dockers in Dublin Port, along with an short video about them, featuring members of the Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society.

Rommel Behan

Batch Green

Bedah Behan

Sadler Cloake

Rolo Fullam

Genna King

Chick Kelly

Glimmer Byrne


Buffer Gannon

Bo Callaghan

Uncle Mullen

Crongie Dunne

Gannet Reilly

Gorgeous George Coghlan

Daddy Byrne

German Lawless

Valley Fulham

Count the Skulls Callaghan

Big Nose Kelly

Yank Byrne

Skinner Kelly

Great Lover Mooney

Chester Kelly

Me-did Doyle

Heney Mullen

Cha Boy Coghlan

Jigger Buckley

Nutsy O’Toole

Coxey Corbally

Meet Your New Mammy

Bushler Walsh

Spike McDonald

Nanier Byrne

Silent Pencil Fulham

Chadier Caulfield

Gidda Murphy

Conser Murray

Follow the Corpse Mitten

Mittener Dent

Hawkie Hawkins

Muddler Doyle

Long Balls Murphy

Rambler Dent

Fatser Currie

Baldo McAuley

Two Thumbs Murphy

Leftie Egan

Brother Lawless

Skipper Dunne

Butch Dardis Nucker Jones

Demon Dent

Scumer Mulhall

Bimbo Keating

Lee Wee McDonald

Bosun Carrick

Jockser Gibbs

Lemon Fitzsimons

Rusler Egan-Kearns

Tiddler Tierney

Biners Quinn

Saw Cox

Yoy Yoy O’Driscoll

Boy Murphy

Gimp Murphy

Wire Robinson

Big Apple Doyle

Da Gaines

These’ll Brown

Doggie Smith

Blue Boy Stanton

Soldier Driscoll

Mausey Boylan

Greek Doyle

Man from Larame Byrne

Nudger Keating

Nipper Breslin

Miner Kennedy

Eat the Baby Carass

Buller McDonald

Earrings Bradley

Fingers Grimes

Rubber Legs Gaffney

Saintey Byrne

Bronco Dennis

Granny Farrell

Foot and a Half Curley

Gipen-Na Lynch

Miley Walsh 

Dasty Brown

Dig in the Goo Mooney

Clinkey Byrne

Trigger Bisset

Briney Lawless

Nuggy Bar Connolly

Gitchey Welch

Whacker Nugent

Masher Hutch

Canadian Joe Reilly

Figio Dillon

Mettler Kelly

Canary Cullen

Sandy Man Hughes

Torry Duffy

Gitters Kinsella

St. Francis Byrne

Little Big Nose Kelly

Bando Macken

Fuucker Finn

Mixer Breen

Salt Box O’Connor

Slim Brown

Tucker Reilly

Shouders Byrne

Little Apple Doyle

Lats Dempsey

Lacks Murphy

Slasher Barry

Cruger Cunningham

Bogey Dixon

Guard Murphy

Bull Weldon

Blake Montgomery

Mika Donnelly

Ninety Byrne

Boxer Elliot

Hardloaf Cummins

Gabby Hayes

Muckler Murphy

Boo Byrne

Duck Egg Kirwan

Atlas Hughes

Oxo Byrne

Beefer Duffy

Blue Nose Byrne

Pop Barry

Bale Doyle

Crab Carberry

Knock Out Kelty

Marmo Coyle

Bagey Grey

Fibbey Carberry

Toothins Redmond

Jigger Buckley

Swinger Bissett

Bleeder Walsh

Straney Fitzsimons

Chappy Curley

Kerrier Caulfield

Snips MacDonald

Warewolf Freeman

Toner Downey

Battler McCann

Lagger Redmond