Rosslare Harbour Model Ship Collection

The Rosslare Harbour Maritime Heritage Centre is home to a superb Maritime Model Collection.


The collection has examples of the work of several local model makers Their remarkable skill and artistry is easily understood by visitors of all ages.

There are two particularly fine models, described as ‘perfect in every detail’ and ‘a true scale model’. They are work of Patrick Hayes, one is a model of the Sirene a 18th century French Frigate and and the other is a model of a Brixham Trawler that fished the Irish Coast.

The rescue of the crew of the Mexico is a famous incident both tragic and triumphant in Wexford maritime history. You can read more about it here. You can see a model of both it and the Wexford, a steam paddle tug essential in the Mexico’s rescue. The Wexford’s model was made by J. Walker another Wexford model maker, of great skill, who has donated a number of models to the museum. Some of the other models by Mr Walker include an elegant model of the Mary and Gurtrude, an Arklow Schooner, and the MV Kerlogue.

The museum also has a number of examples of a ship in a bottle, the most unusual of which is of a British four masted barque, that is shown having run aground at some cliffs. There is a background that suggests warmer climes, with a church, windmill, and lighthouse, in sandy terrain.

These are only some of the models that the museum contains. There are also models of the traditional Wexford sailing and a rowing cot, a remarkable builder’s model, a Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat and many, many more.


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