The South Wexford Coast

Explore the a series of eight areas of outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity along the South Wexford Coast



An introduction to the South Wexford Coast
Jim Hurley introduces the South Wexford Coast, its natural beauty, its biodiversity and its areas of protection and conservation in an interview with James L. Smith of Ports, Past and Present. ~ Source: Recorded in an interview with James L. Smith of...
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South Wexford Coast Brochure
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The South Wexford Coast is a natural heritage coastline. Located in ‘the Model County’ in the sunny south-east corner of the island of Ireland, the south coast of County Wexford is one of Ireland’s special places. It is special because this lovely area supports a wealth of natural heritage resources and a unique cluster of nature sites.

An outstanding coastal strip, the South Wexford Coast extends from the early 13th century lighthouse at the craggy, limestone tip of Hook Head in the west, to the gently rounded, granite headland of Carnsore Point in the east; a foreland called Sacred Cape by the Greek cartographer Claudius Ptolemaeus, Ptolemy of Alexandria, in the atlas he compiled in the second century AD.

This richly endowed coastal strip, though only 40km (25 miles) long, supports thirteen sites each rated of international importance. These thirteen sites comprise eight places connected either to each other or together by the inshore waters of the Celtic Sea. To have so many sites of such importance clustered together on so short a length of shoreline makes the South Wexford Coast one of Ireland’s outstanding natural heritage resources.