Haunted Hallways

A poem by Mick Foran, read by Mick in the recording here. The poem looks back at life in Dublin's tenements, which were inner-city Georgian townhouses where poor families were housed in the 19th and 20th centuries.



Haunted Hallways, a recording.
Mick Foran reads his poem, Haunted Hallways. This was recorded just outside a container moving area close to Dublin Port, so some container sounds are audible in the background. ~ Date: 19 August 2021
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Haunted hallways, and tenement stairs
And little old women on knees saying prayers
While kids play skipping and dance all round, all take place in the heart of town
And women with scrubbing-boards wash and toil, in old back yards beneath blue sky’s
While boys chop sticks in bare feet, then cry out loud on cobble stone streets

“Penny a bundle or tuppence for two, if you haven’t got a penny then God bless you!”