A Model Ship Maker

Building ship models is not just a tale of appreciating great engineering on a small scale, but sharing that love with others.



Building Model Ships
David James talks about the origin of his passion for building model ships and different ships he has built through the years. ~ Creator: Ports, Past and Present ~ Date: May 2021
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In the just over 200 years of its existence, Pembroke Dock has had a proud history of building hundrets of ships, large and not so large, motorised and propelled by wind. Although the dockyard has been closed now for several decades, ships still get built, but now on a much smaller scale. The attention to detail and appreciation of fine engineering remains the same.

David James sat down with Ports, Past and Present to share the origin of his passion for building model ships, the ships he has built over the years and where some of his finished works can be seen on public display.