Fishguarrrd! | Aberrrgwaun!

Not only did this stretch of the Pembrokeshire coast experience one of the last pirate attacks on these islands, but it also produced some world-famous pirates of their own. | Yn ogystal â phrofi un o'r ymosodiadau môr-ladron olaf ar Ynysoedd Prydain, cynhyrchodd y rhan hwn o arfordir Sir Benfro rai môr-ladron byd-enwog.



Pirates of Fishguard
Gary Jones discusses the last pirate attack on Fishguard and the local contribution to international piracy in the shape of Bartholomew Roberts, better known as Barti Ddu or Black Bart. ~ Creator: Ports, Past and Present ~ Date: February 2021
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In 1779, US-born Stephen Manhant attacked Fishguard with his ship Black Prince, sailing under a French flag. Prior to his attack on Fishguard, Manhant had destroyed over 30 ships sailing under a British flag and taken many prisoners with the plan to exchange them for American prisoners. When the Black Prince turned up at Fishguard, the crew fired their cannons at the town and demanded a large ransom. When the town returned fire, Manhunt retreated. Despite the failed attack on the town, the government agreed to the construction of Fishguard Fort, armed with several cannons trained at the bay against potential invaders.

Gary Jones sat down with Ports, Past and Present to talk about this last pirate attack against Fishguard as well as the infamous, home-grown pirate, Barti Ddu, inventor of the Jolly Roger and bane of the seven seas.

Ym 1779, ymosododd Stephen Manhant, a anwyd yn yr Unol Daleithiau, ar Abergwaun gyda'i long Black Prince, gan hwylio o dan faner Ffrainc. Cyn ei ymosodiad ar Abergwaun, roedd Manhant wedi dinistrio dros 30 o longau yn hwylio o dan faner Prydain ac wedi cipio llawer o garcharorion gyda'r bwriad o’u cyfnewid am garcharorion Americanaidd. Pan gyrhaeddodd y Black Prince Abergwaun, taniodd y criw eu canonau ar y dref a mynnu pridwerth mawr. Pan saethodd y dref ei long, enciliodd Manhunt. Er gwaethaf yr ymosodiad a fethodd ar y dref, cytunodd y llywodraeth i adeiladu Caer Abergwaun, wedi'i arfogi â sawl canon wedi'u hanelu at y bae.

Trafododd Gary Jones gyda Ports, Past and Present ymosodiad y môr-leidr olaf yn erbyn Abergwaun, yn ogystal â stori’r môr-leidr enwog lleol, Barti Ddu, dyfeisiwr y Jolly Roger.