Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum and Gardens

Three great attractions in one stunning location

A stunning Gothic Revival Castle, surrounded by beautiful gardens, along with the Irish Agricultural Museum and brilliant visitor facilities make this a must see on your trip to Wexford


The origins of Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum and Gardens date back to the 12th century, but the present castle now consists of an 18th century core with extensions in the Gothic Revival style added in the period 1830-60. The castle was once home to the Esmonde family, and later, the Grogans and their descendants; it was handed over to the Irish State in 1945. The estate is owned by Teagasc, a government agency focused on agricultural research, but it is now cared for by The Irish Heritage Trust, who are a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to bringing Ireland’s rich built and natural heritage to life.

Johnstown Castle is a gem of Gothic Revival architecture, but until recently it was in use as an educational facility and was not accessible to the public. After painstaking conservation and regeneration, the castle is now restored to its former glory and the beautiful interiors reflect the grandeur of the castle’s stately exterior.

Johnstown Castle is more than a country house visitor experience; it is also home to the Irish Agricultural Museum. In 1974, Dr Austin O’Sullivan began collecting materials relating to farming and rural life in Ireland, and the museum was opened in the estate’s farm buildings by President Patrick Hillary in 1979.

This is a 3 in 1 visitor attraction, with the Castle, Museum, and our beautiful arboreta which span over 120 acres. Johnstown Castle Estate Museum and Gardens continues to develop under the care of the Irish Heritage Trust and in 2022 was the number one visited attraction in Wexford, with over 150,000 visitors passing through our doors.

With the support of the Irish Heritage Trust, our members, the public and Teagasc we hope to continue the restoration works of both castle and gardens in the coming years. Why discover this beautiful attraction as you plan your journey to Wexford or Wales. The castle, lies just 10 minutes away from Wexford town and 20 minutes from Rosslare and you can book online tickets and discover what’s on at