Coeden Beth, Holyhead

An Anglesey genealogy and heritage service run by Beth Whitney

Beth Whitney's passion for genealogy has brought her to almost every graveyard in Anglesey!


Beth Whitney is a genealogist with a passion for Anglesey family history … this is perhaps why she has been to most of the over 100 graveyards of Anglesey! She is a hunter of the dead, finding the places your ancestors are potentially connected to, subject to surviving documentary evidence and oral stories. She found her love for investigating genealogy listening to the stories of her own older relatives (who were going to tell them either way!). From these stories she started finding out about her own roots, and now she will find yours for you … subject to what documents and sources survive to help her build up your family tree.

Finding family is not the only service she offers through her business, Coeden Beth. Beth also does one name and one place studies. One name studies involve researching everything about one surname, whereas a one place study is focussed on a specific location (e.g. street or a building) where Beth will find out everything about it from the rich documentary history available through census and other civil and religious records.