The Orient B&B, Holyhead

This charming green B&B is as beautiful inside as it is outside!

This family run B&B in Holyhead offers warm hospitality and fantastic food


T. J. moved to Holyhead with two generations of her family in 2022. Originally from Vietnam they moved first to Belgium (yes, she speaks Flemish, and is learning Welsh), and then to Manchester. They have found the perfect mix of what they loved about all those places in their new home town. Holyhead first came to T. J.’s attention because her parent’s loved coming to line fish mackerel from the rocks. When moving here with her parents, they came with the idea of starting a hospitality business and fate drew them to a beautiful house, which has become their thriving B&B.

They arrived in May, gave the building some upgrades (these continue and will be ongoing where possible) and managed, miraculously opened their doors to visitors in just a few months. A quick glance at their Visitors' Book will make it clear that everyone who walks through the door is treated with kindness and warmth from their excellent host. The B&B is family friendly, and they also offer (with advanced booking) Vietnamese delights for lunch and dinner. A steaming bowl of Pho will warm any damp hiker or fishers’ heart, or indeed, bid a delicious welcome to those arriving over the Irish Sea.


Porth-Y-Felin Rd, Holyhead, LL65 1PL