Part 4: Rosslare Harbour

Part 4: Rosslare Harbour

Growing up in Rosslare

The Port Places app captures this rich history with three overlapping experiences.

Agnes Ferguson talks about her family's working links with Rosslare Harbour and her own and husband's work on the ferries and in the tourist information.

Rosslare Harbour to Fishguard | Rosslare Harbour i Abergwaun

This experience draws on the creative, film and heritage material of the project to set out a trail of stories stretching from Fishguard to Rosslare Harbour. It covers the ferry crossing between Pembrokeshire and Wexford, including creative work, stories, interviews and poetry. It tells the story of sights and sounds of the Irish and Welsh coasts, social change and natural wonders, images of the Irish Sea captured in documentary films and many of the overlapping accounts and events that have clustered around the crossing over centuries.

The experience can begin at either end of the route, and can be downloaded in advance of your journey. Once downloaded, no data is needed to read the text, look at the images and listen to the audio while you undertake your ferry trip. On the crossing between Pembrokeshire and Wexford, this includes stories of sandbanks, shipwrecks, mythical land bridges, childhood memories and Welsh and Norman ties.

The three Ports, Past and Present crossing experiences on Port Places bring the past to life by showing that the Irish Sea and its long frequented crossings are not focused on a single topic, but cover every aspect of human life at sea and on land. They present personal accounts together with large-scale tragedies, traces of ancient histories together with the upheavals of recent decades.

Welcome to Rosslare Harbour

A brief introduction to the rich heritage of Rosslare Harbour and its port. Written by Leo Coy and adapted from Visit Wexford Public Signage. In this experience, you can learn about the history of the Village, amazing hidden locations, and centuries of history waiting waiting a short drive away.

This experience and that of the South Wexford Coast below are complimentary, showcasing the cultural, historical and environmental richness of County Wexford. Enjoy a meal at the Garden Cafe and take a walk in the peace of Kirwan's Garden. Stay for the night and go for a drink at the Railway Club. Visit the Maritime Heritage Centre and learn about the nautical and coastal history of the region. This experience will be your guide.

Jim Hurley introduces the South Wexford Coast, its natural beauty, its biodiversity and its areas of protection and conservation.

The South Wexford Coast

An outstanding coastal strip, the South Wexford Coast extends from the early 13th century lighthouse at the craggy, limestone tip of Hook Head in the west, to the gently rounded, granite headland of Carnsore Point in the east. This diverse and beautiful stretch of coast awaits a short drive from Rosslare Harbour village, providing a scenic tour or a leisurely route into Counties Waterford and Cork to the West.

The South Wexford Coast is a richly endowed coastal strip, though only 40km (25 miles) long, supports thirteen sites each rated of international importance. These thirteen sites comprise eight places connected either to each other or together by the inshore waters of the Celtic Sea. To have so many sites of such importance clustered together on so short a length of shoreline makes the South Wexford Coast one of Ireland’s outstanding natural heritage resources.

The material of this experience appears courtesy of Jim Hurley of South Wexford Coast Promotions.

In the next section of this exhibit, we return to Pembrokeshire across the Irish Sea, through the expanse of the Milford Haven Waterway, and disembark in Pembroke Dock. Browse the list of featured experiences on the Port Places app to learn more.