Part 1: Dublin Port

Part 1: Dublin Port

Dublin Theatrical Audio Tour
The Dockers and the Tiger. Audrey MacCready shares the story of handling a live tiger in the docks. ~ Creator: Ports, Past and Present ~ Date: July 2021
Dublin's Docklands

This experience was created by combining ‘Dublin’s Deep Sea Port’ Map & Guide and ‘North Wall Campshires’ Map & Guide by the Five Lamps Arts Festival, with illustrations by John D. Ruddy. It takes you on a stroll through the North East of Dublin, along the north bank of the River Liffey and through the historic neighbourhoods and industrial histories surrounding the port of Dublin.

It covers the North Wall, an area which stretches from the Custom House in the city centre to Dublin Port. It includes areas such as George’s Dock, Spencer Dock, the Royal Canal, Mayor Street, Guild Street, and Sheriff Street. It was once one of the bustling communities of Dublin’s old docklands where ships would arrive and unload goods; it is now an area of huge contrast, as modern developments grow amidst the remnants of the old port and dockland communities.

The tour then extends to the stories, infrastructure and neighbourhoods surrounding the Deep Sea Port, the area around Alexandra Basin opened in 1885 and made possible thanks to the engineering innovations of Bindon Blood Stoney and his diving bell. Once opened, the city had two ports. The original Old Dock and George’s Dock area near the Customs House and North Wall Quay would now cater for lighter ships dealing with passenger and cross-channel traffic.

Dublin Theatrical Audio Tour

This piece takes you on an adventure, discovering Dublin Docklands and the lives that shape it.

Rua and Hannah, two theatre makers from Dublin, guide you to 5 locations; Epic Museum, the Bottle Boy pub, Samuel Beckett Bridge, Grand Canal sign and the red lights at Grand Canal. The authors engaged with the local communities on both sides of the river to uncover port stories and personal anecdotes which we have woven into our theatrical soundscape. We ask that you soak in the sounds on the audio as well as your surroundings, reflecting on your own feelings towards this area to make this experience personal to you.

Dublin to Holyhead | Dulyn i Gaergybi

This experience draws on the creative, film and heritage material of the project to set out a trail of stories stretching from Dublin Port to Holyhead. It covers the ferry crossing between Dublin Port and Holyhead, including creative work, stories, interviews and poetry. It tells the story of sights and sounds of the Irish and Welsh coasts, stories of war and loss, images of the Irish Sea captured in documentary films and many of the overlapping accounts and events that have clustered around the crossing over centuries.

The experience can begin at either end of the route, and can be downloaded in advance of your journey. Once downloaded, no data is needed to read the text, look at the images and listen to the audio while you undertake your ferry trip.

The three Ports, Past and Present crossing experiences on Port Places bring the past to life by showing that the Irish Sea and its long frequented crossings are not focused on a single topic, but cover every aspect of human life at sea and on land. They present personal accounts together with large-scale tragedies, traces of ancient histories together with the upheavals of recent decades.

The past is always present.

In the next section of this exhibit, we arrive in Wales at the port town of Holyhead. Browse the list of featured experiences on the Port Places app to learn more!