Irish Sea Plans

Plans for 2021-23

The Heritage App

The team at UCC and Wexford County Council have been working on our new heritage app. The Port Places app is built on the Safarnama framework, and will provide tours, location-based experiences and information about the depth of port heritage in our five ports. The app will explore not only the ports, but their coastal regions and the ferry crossings that join them together.

The app is easy to use and a crucial component of its development is community participation. It is currently being tested for release on iOS and Android, and will be available later in 2021, together with a growing collection of experiences.

Documentary Films

As part of a wide range of cultural activities, the project team in Aberystwyth has appointed a production company with offices in Pembrokeshire to produce a series of eight short documentary films and one feature-length film to promote the five port towns and the three ferry routes which link them.

The films combine historical film footage with new footage, capturing voices, sounds and scenes, as well as reflecting the multilingual and multicultural nature of the ports and their surrounding areas.