The Best Swimming Spot | Y lle nofio gorau

In recent years, sea swimming has increased in popularity everywhere and there are some fabulous spots to be found near Fishguard. | Yn y blynyddoedd diweddar, ehangodd poblogrwydd nofio yn y môr ac mae llawer o leoedd nofio gwych ar gael ger Abergwaun.



Swimming by the Headlands
Gary Jones discusses the shape of Fishguard Bay's coastline and talks about the best spot for sea swimming. ~ Creator: Ports, Past and Present ~ Date: February 2021
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Gary Jones sat down with Ports, Past and Present to discuss the shape of Fishguard Bay and share a top tip for sea swimming near Fishguard.

Eisteddodd Gary Jones i lawr â Phorthladdoedd, Ddoe a Heddiw er mwyn trafod siâp Bae Abergwaun ac i rannu awgrymiadau ynghylch lleoedd da i nofio yn y môr.


Pen Anglas is rocky, well off the Pembrokeshire coastal path and mostly submerged at high tide. It is only recommended for strong sea swimmers.