Ports, Past and Present

Gillian Brownson

I’m a writer, theatre maker and storyteller from Holyhead. The Ports, Past and Present project is going to bring Holyhead and other towns like it an invaluable platform to reflect on itself – given the unique nature of the port town, with its transient and permanent residents all coexisting to create a place of purpose, beauty and industry. I’ll be led by community groups and individuals in the town to create new writing, to be performed and exhibited in the environment. In initial conversations, we’ve been isolating stories from maritime history and also exploring personal stories of the sea’s healing properties, so I look forward to presenting a narrative of opposites and extremes – from epic historical perspectives to humble, mindful moments of self-care in the sea.

Gillian Brownson at the Lantern Parade

I’ll be regularly sharing updates on my website and through social media:

Artist’s website

Twitter: @GillyBrownson

Instagram: @gillythompson_brownson


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The Mermaid’s Purse

Mynydd Twr

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