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Augustine O’Donoghue

Augustine O Donoghue

Augustine O’Donoghue is an award-winning artist based in Dublin. She has developed work and exhibited extensively nationally and internationally in Europe, China, America, Canada, Latin America and Africa. She is founder member and co- director of the Wexford Documentary Film festival. She is artist in residence in UCD College of Engineering and Architecture 2020-1.

Drawing on both her experience as an artist and of working in the marine industry, her project for Ports, Past and Present aims to use sound as a potential medium to mitigate and rethink the ecological balance, looking at the relationship between man and nature, and how we think about the Dublin Port environment. O’Donoghue’s project will be a series of sound artworks that will engage with issues relating to wildlife and biodiversity conservation in the Dublin Port area, with a particular focus on the bird population.

The artist hopes the project will activate new public engagement, curiosity and appreciation for the environment and biodiversity conservation in Dublin Port. Her project aims to bring to light the rich wildlife that exists in the area and to challenge people to rethink their understanding of and relationship to wildlife in the area.

‘I am really excited to be part of this wonderful project as I have a deep appreciation and relationship to the sea and an understanding of the important role it plays in the life, culture and heritage of coastal communities.’

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